New Website for the BRAA is LIVE

//New Website for the BRAA is LIVE

The city of Boca Raton and the state Boca Raton Airport Authority each has a new website. The timing may be similar, but they’re completely separate projects. went live Feb. 1 with the official launch Feb. 6. Feedback has been constant and the site has given residents another way to apply for permits and register a concern through Request Tracker.

“We asked each department what they were hearing the most. Was it, ‘my garbage didn’t get picked up’ or ‘there are cars on my neighbor’s yard,'” said Chrissy Gibson, the city’s communications and marketing manager. “People can report concerns anonymously, or if they want to sign in and create an account they can view

[the status] of their report and we respond to them.

“They can upload pictures and we were sent photos of graffiti in Sanborn Square,” she added about the downtown park on Federal Highway.

Boca Raton Airport Authority’s new site went live Feb. 14 at

“The navigation was improved by taking website visitors directly to the information pertinent to them, whether it’s pilot travelers or just doing business with the airport,” said Michael Schneider, senior account manager and digital strategist at Green Integrated Marketing Services in Boca Raton.

“The most important new addition categorizes the news section of the website. We now have a blog for press releases and important notifications.”

For instance, President Donald Trump’s trips to his estate in Palm Beach and the resulting travel restrictions are always posted on the site’s landing page. Tracking noise complaints or rerouted flight patterns during that time are not included on the website, he said.

The city engaged CivicPlus Government Web Site design for the layout and navigation and the site was budgeted through the city’s IT department, Gibson sai

“We have a program called News Flash and can put up things happening around the city. If you sign up on ‘notify me,’ you will get a text or email alert,” two separate items, she said. “Our revamp will allow us to work with the city, so they can apply for a building permit online. If people can do something from their desk, they don’t have to come to city hall.”

The city plans to eventually add an app.

“The majority of people are getting information from their mobile phone,” Gibson said.

The city asked volunteers from the city’s boards and committees to test the site before the launch.

“It took probably 72 hours for the site to be fully functional,” Gibson said. “We put so many keywords in the search tool so you should be able to search anything for answers. Then we really asked all the volunteers for their input and their area of expertise and for feedback.”

City staff had a two-day training on the new site.

“We would welcome feedback; it’s a work in progress,” she said.

For the airport, look for “elements that aren’t online yet including a tenants’ directory,” Schneider said. “It’s fully responsive for mobile and tablet. It will dynamically alter itself to fit your screen.”

This article by Marci Shatzman was originally posted at the Sun Sentinel 

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