Tower Talk From BCT

Tower Talk is dedicated to giving you the information you need when departing and arriving at BCT. Whether airspace, ATC services, communication, or other important topics, it’ll be outlined and updated here. If you’re a pilot looking for something that’s not on this page, you’ll likely find it in the Pilot Information section located here (link to Pilot Information page).

Attention All Pilots

Clearance Delivery Frequency is Being Misinterpreted

The BCT A/FD information pertaining to the Clearance Delivery Frequency is being misinterpreted. Pilots have been calling 127.35 for Clearance when the BCT Tower is open. This frequency, 127.35, is answered by PBI.

Clearance delivery when the BCT tower is open: 121.8

Clearance delivery when the BCT tower is closed: 127.35

Use of BCT Frequencies

TOWER — 118.425

is used to provide instructions for aircraft arriving and departing BCT. This frequency is not to be used for IFR clearances or to taxi.

GROUND — 121.8

is used for issuance of IFR clearances and taxi instructions.

Use of Transponders

Please ensure the correct code is set in the aircraft transponder before departing. An incorrect code could be assigned to another aircraft in the ATC automation system and would automatically “depart” that aircraft once it is airborne. Additionally, please do not forget to turn the aircraft transponder ON, including the Mode C setting.

Flight Following Services

For direction of flight: 270 clockwise to 090 degrees, BCT Tower will issue the code and appropriate PBI frequency.

For flights southbound (FLL/FXE/MIA/OPF/TMB, etc.): BCT Tower is not interfaced with the MIA approach automation system and cannot issue codes. However, we will send you to the MIA approach frequency once you are on course and clear of our traffic.

Questions and Tours

For questions regarding the Air Traffic Control Tower at BCT, or to arrange tours of the tower, please e-mail the Air Traffic Control Tower Manager at