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Making International Travel Easier Than Ever

We are as excited about the Grand Opening of Customs as You!

Please refer to this page for all United States Customs and Border Protection facilitates updates.
We will be posting a countdown soon as to when the facility will be officially open.

Wherever your travels take you, we’ll make it easier to get back home. The new Customs and Border Protection facility will allow your international flight to fly directly into the Boca Raton Airport—saving you time and making your travels more efficient.

Currently, international flights must stop at another airport to clear Customs before returning to the Boca Raton Airport. Once the Customs facility is complete, you’ll be able to fly directly into BCT, which increases safety, prevents low altitude flights, reduces noise created by additional flights, and enhances the overall flying experience.

CBP Facts:

The Customs and Border Protection Facility will total 4,400 square feet, and will cost approximately $4.5M. The contract has been awarded to West Construction, Inc., and construction oversight provided by the Airport’s engineers, Ricondo & Associates.


A Customs Feasibility Study was finalized in February, 2014. The Study forecasts that 700 annual flights, or an average of three flights per day during the facility’s hours of operation, will clear Customs at the new facility. The Study also forecasts 350 boaters will clear Customs paperwork at BCT per year.


Approximately 80% of the $4.5M project is being funded by a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) grant, with the remaining project costs of 20% coming from the Boca Raton Airport Authority (BRAA). Funds for the FDOT grant are generated through a gas tax levied on users of airports throughout the state. The BRAA funds come from Airport property leases and fuel flow fees. No local, county, or state property or sales taxes are used for airport operations or improvement projects, such as the construction of the Customs facility.