Airport Identification/Gate Access Badge

All employees, tenants, contractors, and anyone else needing access to the Air Operations Area (AOA) must obtain an Airport Identification Badge. This badge must be kept on your person at all times and be available to be displayed to any badged personnel. All non-badged personnel must be escorted by a badge holder at all times. Access to the AOA through the airport’s mechanical vehicle gates can be granted as needed, and this requested is made to the Airport Authority by your lessor.  In this situation, your Airport ID Badge will also be your Gate Access Badge.

In order to receive your Airport ID/Gate Access Badge, you must fill out the Airport Identification/Gate Card Application, undergo a background check, and pay the $25.00 badge fee. To make an appointment to receive your badge, please call the Airport Authority at 561-391-2202 ext. 4. Please remember to have an approved form of identification (driver’s license if given gate access) with you when come to your appointment.

Badge Renewal

All Airport ID/Gate Access Badges are good for one year, and expire on the last day of your birth month. Gate Access will be automatically disabled after this date if the badge has not been renewed.

There are two ways to renew your badge:

Call the Airport Authority at 561-391-2202 ext. 4 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday and set up an appointment to come by and renew your badge. Please remember to have your driver’s license and Airport ID with you when come to renew your badge.

Call airport security 24/7 at 561-418-5652 and have them meet you out in the field to renew your badge. You will need your driver’s license and Airport ID in order for Security to renew your badge. Badges renewed by security outside of the Airport Authority’s operating hours will be renewed the next business day.

Ramp Driving Permits

In addition to your airport ID badge, a ramp permit is required to operate a vehicle within the AOA. These permits are granted by one of the three primary leaseholds on the airport (Atlantic Aviation, Signature Flight Support, Boca Aircraft Owners) and allow you to operate your vehicle without an escort. Ramp Permits can be obtained when you receive your airport ID badge.

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