Widen Taxiways F and P4, Relocation of Taxiways B and C

This project is needed to maintain compliance with current FAA regulations requiring that no direct access from a parking apron to the runway be available. Two taxiways that directly align with an apron exit will be relocated with this project. Additionally, two other taxiways will be widened to bring them within compliance of the latest taxiway design group standards. Phase I, which includes the widening of TWY P4 and relocation of TWY B, has been completed and Phase II, which includes the relocation of TWY C and widening of TWY F, has just begun. Construction for this project is estimated to take approximately two months with funding being provided by FAA grants at an 100% level.

Airport Road Improvements

This project involves the resurfacing of Airport Rd. pavements, installation of bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalk improvement, undergrounding of utilities to enhance reliability, installation of native landscaping, and the beautification of tenant entrances. Also included in this project are various drainage and storm-water system upgrades to enhance reliability in heavy rain events. Construction for this project is estimated to take approximately 1 year with funding being provided by FDOT grants at an 80% level with BRAA providing the remaining 20%.

Completed Projects

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