Airport Road Improvements

This project involves the resurfacing of Airport Rd. pavements, installation of bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalk improvement, undergrounding of utilities to enhance reliability, installation of native landscaping, and the beautification of tenant entrances. Also included in this project are various drainage and storm-water system upgrades to enhance reliability in heavy rain events. Construction for this project is estimated to take approximately 1 year with funding being provided by FDOT grants at an 80% level with BRAA providing the remaining 20%.

Stormwater Drainage Systems Upgrades

This project includes replacement and expansion of some of the existing storm drains and drainage infrastructure to allow water to flow unrestricted and improve flow during storm events. The project also includes extending the existing culvert that runs south of the Runway 5 approach end by approximately 80 feet. This project will include drainage systems and related work to construct the culverts. By extending the culvert the Airport benefits by easing maintenance needs and removing a potential wildlife hazard source off property. Funding for this project is being provided by the FDOT at 80% and BRAA funding 20%.

Taxiways P5, C, P9, P10 Widening

This project involves widening Taxiways P10, P9, C and P5 between Taxiway P and the ramps to meet the required FAA Taxiway Edge Safety Margins in Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A for the largest aircraft currently using the Boca Raton Airport. By enlarging the paved areas, aircraft entering and exiting the apron areas have a larger margin of safety during times of heavy traffic. This project also entails the replacement of existing PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) lights with LED equipment. The new lights will be more efficient in both electricity use and maintenance requirements. Funding for this project is being provided by the FDOT at 80% and BRAA funding 20%.

Completed Projects

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