Submit Noise Concerns 

While we have gone to great lengths to mitigate the effects of aircraft noise, we understand that noise-related issues and concerns can occur. If you are a resident near the Boca Raton Airport, we encourage you to report all Airport-related noise concerns within your community. You can submit your noise concern over the phone, via our online web portal, or directly from our WebTrak flight tracker by following the links below.

Noise Hotline

You can call our noise hotline at (561) 391-0296 to report your noise issue at any time. Airport staff will review your concern during regular business hours. Please be as specific as possible with your concern, as it helps in the investigation process.

Online Noise Concern Form

You can submit a concern via our online web portal by clicking on the link above.


You can submit a noise concern on specific aircraft directly from our WebTrak flight tracker. To submit your concern click on the link above.


Please be advised that if you are a user of a third party app to report aircraft noise, some altitudes and aircraft data reported by the app may be erroneous. In many cases, incorrect aircraft are associated with the noise event by the app. Please use WebTrak to identify correct aircraft information and flight tracks.

All noise concerns submitted to the Airport Authority are maintained in house and are reported to the Airport Authority Board on a monthly basis. All concerns are investigated by the Airport Authority. Safety concerns are submitted to pilots or to the FAA if it appears that the aircraft acted unsafely or violated FAA regulations.