Mural Press Release

The Boca Raton Airport Authority (BRAA) hosted a media event to celebrate the reveal of its brand-new mural on the Airport’s masonry security wall. The theme of this project, which is part of the Boca Raton Airport Authority’s 75th-anniversary celebration, is Past. Present. Future. The mural brings to life the Airport’s historical journey, current significance, and future aspirations. It aims to showcase the Airport’s evolution, as well as its impact on Boca Raton’s development. The mural also serves as a tribute to the Airport’s rich and storied history and its connection to the community.

Situated on the southern half of the Airport, the masonry security wall is strategically placed for visibility to the traveling public, the Air Traffic Control Tower, and parts of the Florida Atlantic University campus. It’ll break the ice. It allows people to understand the necessity of public art, and that it makes the culture more vibrant. Boca is already beautiful, but a little more color wouldn’t hurt, would it? said artist and mural creator Craig McInnis about his work. McInnis’s versatile talents span fine art, mural painting, music, illustration, tattoo artistry, and film contributions.

This event was one of several BRAA will be hosting as it celebrates 75 Years of aviation leadership. The Airport has played an essential role in the growth and development of Boca Raton and surrounding areas, having served as an army airfield during World War II, and later facilitating the construction of I-95, which vastly improved connectivity throughout South Florida. Today, Boca Raton Airport is a premier general aviation facility, contributing $693 million annually to the local economy.

About the Artist:
Craig doodled his way through high school and then came to Florida to attend the Art Institute. After graduation, he plunged into a varied list of artistic endeavors. He enjoys keeping his workload diverse to help expand his skill set and keep the calendar full of creativity. As Co-Founder of Art Synergy and CONTINUUM Craig is proud to be part of a dedicated team of art professionals to promote local art at National and International levels and facilitate access to education, art & culture to those who may not have previously had the chance.

About the Boca Raton Airport:
The Boca Raton Airport (BCT) is a general aviation transport facility, governed by the Boca Raton Airport Authority and its seven-member board. The Airport serves the corporate, recreational, and flight training needs of the community, averaging over 83,000 operations annually.