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Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-16T14:51:36-04:00
Do airlines fly out of the Boca Raton Airport?2021-03-15T11:39:58-04:00

The Boca Raton Airport is a General Aviation airport with business, charter and private planes. We do not have any commercial service.  Palm Beach International and Ft. Lauderdale International are the closest commercial service airports to Boca Raton.

Do you offer charter service?2021-03-15T11:45:03-04:00

Yes, there are several charter companies that operate at the airport and many of them are listed in our Tenant Directory on our website here. You may also check with our FBO’s for recommendations.

Do you have any hangar space or tie-down spots available at the airport?2021-03-15T11:45:11-04:00

Please check with our tenants regarding availability.

    • Atlantic Aviation – 561-368-1110
    • Boca Aircraft Owners – 954-547-2302
    • Signature Flight Support – 561-955-9556
Does the airport charge landing fees?2021-03-15T11:46:32-04:00

No, the Airport Authority does not charge landing fees, however there may be charges associated with our FBO’s. Please contact them for additional information.

    • Atlantic Aviation – 561-368-1110
    • Signature Flight Support – 561-955-9556
Can I land at your the airport and not use an FBO?2021-03-15T11:47:26-04:00

The Airport does not have public access to the ramp areas. You would need to make arrangements through one of our FBO’s for ramp access.

    • Atlantic Aviation – 561-368-1110
    • Signature Flight Support – 561-955-9556
Can I leave my car at the Airport?2021-03-15T11:48:31-04:00

Please check with the FBO you are utilizing for your flight.

    • Atlantic Aviation – 561-368-1110
    • Signature Flight Support – 561-955-9556
Can I rent a car at the Airport?2021-03-15T11:48:58-04:00

Yes, both of our FBO’s offer car rental service. Please contact them directly to make arrangements.

    • Atlantic Aviation – 561-368-1110
    • Signature Flight Support – 561-955-9556
Do you offer flight training?2021-03-15T11:49:55-04:00

Lynn University Flight Academy offers flight training. You may contact them directly at 561-237-7331.

I want to fly a drone, who do I need to get permission from?2021-03-15T11:51:32-04:00

The Airport Authority and the Tower do not have the authority to grant permission. You would need to contact the FAA.  Additional information can be found here.

Airplanes at the Boca Raton Airport.
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