Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-16T14:51:53-04:00
What are the hours of Operation?2021-03-15T10:05:54-04:00

Regular hours are Thursday – Monday 10:30 am – 6:30 pm.

What if I need to clear when they are closed?2021-03-15T10:17:59-04:00

Please contact Customs and Border Protection directly at 561-665-5842 to make arrangements for after hours clearing.

Do I have to pay to clear Customs in Boca Raton?2021-03-15T10:19:27-04:00

The CBP facility in Boca Raton is a fee-based service. Fees are outlined on our website under the Customs menu and range from $50 to $425 based on the size of the aircraft. Click here for a full list of clearing fees. 

Where can I clear Customs for free?2021-03-15T10:17:53-04:00

Both Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport and Palm Beach International Airport will clear aircraft free of charge.

Where can I get additional information on Customs?2021-03-15T10:19:17-04:00

You can get additional info on our website, or by calling 561-391-2202.

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