Boca Raton Airport Authority Fortifies Legacy Partnership with Civil Air Patrol Squadron

Boca Raton, Florida – The Boca Raton Airport Authority (BRAA) has announced a renewed commitment to the Boca Raton Composite Squadron (BRCS), a local unit of the United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol (CAP). During a board meeting held on September 20th, the BRAA presented a donation of $28,100 to BRCS leadership, which covers the lease and utilities of Hangars 1 and 1A for fiscal year 2023.

A Historic Partnership with Future Impact

The board meeting began with a ceremonial presentation of colors by the Squadron’s cadets, a gesture that helped to underscore the long-standing collaboration between the two organizations, dating back to World War II.

The cadets in attendance were just a few of the young members of the Squadron’s Cadet Leadership Program, an education and mentorship initiative closely aligned with the BRAA’s own endeavors in industry and community development.

“The significance of this investment goes far beyond financial contributions,” said Clara Bennett, BRAA Executive Director. “We are strategically allocating resources to support the future leaders of our community—young men and women who are benefitting from the wisdom and experience of our nation’s heroes.”

In addition to educational endeavors, the funds will bolster the Squadron’s role in vital community services, such as search and rescue, humanitarian outreach, and emergency response in both the aviation and maritime sectors.

To learn more about the Boca Raton Composite Squadron, its history, and the impact it continues to have across the community, follow them on social media or visit their website,

About the Boca Raton Airport and the Airport Authority:

The Boca Raton Airport (BCT) is a general aviation transport facility, governed by the Boca Raton Airport Authority and its seven-member board. The Airport serves the corporate, recreational, and flight training needs of the community, averaging over 83,000 operations annually.