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New Website for the BRAA is LIVE

By |2017-09-20T03:09:48-04:00February 24th, 2017|News|

The city of Boca Raton and the state Boca Raton Airport Authority each has a new website. The timing may be similar, but they’re completely separate projects. went live Feb. 1 with the official launch Feb. 6. Feedback has been constant and the site has given residents another way to apply for permits and [...]

Trump Visits Mean Extra Traffic For City’s Airport

By |2017-09-20T03:09:48-04:00February 16th, 2017|News|

If you live in Boca Raton, you probably know when President Donald Trump is headed to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach or back to the White House in Washington, D.C. Restrictions over a 10- and 30-mile radius of airspace means flight paths change and private aircraft divert to Boca Raton Airport to get out of the [...]