Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC (BAM) is a full-service aircraft maintenance company with locations at the Boca Raton Airport and Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport.  BAM takes pride in knowing that both service centers are equipped with highly skilled technicians and the tooling necessary to deliver quality, cost effective service. Their mission is to provide service based on key elements that all operators rely on including safety, knowledge, on-time and on-budget service, communication, and quality control. Airport Management took time to talk to one of their staff about what it is like to work for Boca Aircraft Maintenance.

Meet David Hintzke, Project Manager Boca Aircraft Maintenance

BRAA:  Good Morning, David. Thank you for taking the time to join us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

David:  I am a father of three, local to South Florida, graduated from Cooper City High School, and I love planes. My motto is “Eat, Sleep, Aviation.”  I also hold a private pilot license and love to fly.

BRAA:  Can you tell us a little bit about Boca Aircraft Maintenance?

David: BAM has been in business for 11 years, they have 2 locations, and currently have 80 employees. We believe in quality, cost effective service, delivered on time and on budget!

BRAA:  How long have you been with Boca Aircraft Maintenance?

David: This week I will celebrate my 11th year with BAM.  My plan is to stay with BAM until I retire on the beach.

BRAA:  Congratulations on your anniversary! It sounds like you have been with Boca Aircraft Maintenance from their very early days, and that is certainly an impressive tenure. How long have you been an Aircraft Mechanic?

David: I’ve been working in the aviation industry for 18 years now.  I started with Wingfoot Services in October of 2005 and have been with BAM since 2009.

BRAA:  As a career aircraft mechanic, it sounds like you are a true asset to the Boca Aircraft Maintenance team and bring a high level of expertise and skill to the company. One of the initiatives that the BRAA is passionate about is education in the aviation industry. Can you tell us what kind of training or education you received to become an aircraft mechanic?

David: I attended Broward County Aviation Institute, a technical school, to study aviation and obtain my Airframe and Powerplant Certification.

BRAA:  What do you like best about the work you do?

David: I enjoy the customer interactions and being a helping hand to those looking to travel in their private jets, that is my favorite part of the job.  Also, I work for a really cool boss, Mr. Todd Wilkins.

BRAA:  Are there any words of wisdom you could offer someone looking to become an aircraft mechanic?

David: Reach for the skies!  The whole aviation family is the most exciting group to be in.  Get ready for ups and downs and do everything with passion and a good attitude.

BRAA:  That is a great message! We certainly agree, passion, a positive attitude and hard work are great qualities in any potential employee.  Well, we certainly appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

David:  I consider myself a self-proclaimed Eclipse 500 technical whisperer!

The Boca Raton Airport Authority would like to thank Mr. Wilkins, Mr. Hintzke, and the entire team at Boca Aircraft Maintenance for their continued support and partnership in helping our community soar. For more information about Boca Aircraft Maintenance please be sure to visit their website at Boca Aircraft Maintenance.

The Boca Raton Airport Authority and Boca Aircraft Maintenance are proud to support CareerSource of Palm Beach County’s new pre-apprenticeship programs in the marine and aviation/aerospace industries, and Boca Aircraft Maintenance is a participating employer. Applications for the Program are now open. Potential students and employers interested in learning more about the pre-apprenticeship program should visit CareerSource Palm Beach County.