As Hurricane Irma approaches, The Boca Raton Airport Authority is committed to preserving the safety of all BCT facilities, personnel and property, as well as to mitigate losses and facilitate a speedy recovery. Hurricanes pose a variety of threats such as flooding, high winds, and storm surges. Therefore, it is important to prepare in advance and follow these hurricane airport safety tips.

Follow These Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

  1. Make sure area is clean from all trash and loose material.
  2. Lightweight and moveable equipment is placed under shelter or otherwise secured.
  3. Permanent accessories such as doors, signs, windows, fences, gates, etc., are checked and secured to withstand high wind velocities.
  4. Relocate flyable aircraft to other geographical areas, place under suitable shelter, or secure as appropriate.
  5. Cooperate with the Boca Raton Airport Authority and update all emergency contact information.

Remember any severe storm can be destructive. Prepare ahead of time and listen for any directions from The Boca Raton Airport Authority.

Please be advised that Standard Operating Procedures call for the airport to close when winds are maintained in excess of 35 mph. 

Please check NOTAMs for the latest closure and airport condition information.  If you have any questions, please contact Airport Operations at 561-391-2202

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